Prairie Mountaineer Hikers are always guided by our motto: "We believe that hiking is more than a physical experience; it refreshes the spirit."

Prairie Mountaineer Hikers is a Calgary, Alberta, based club that provides opportunities for members to share in the adventures and responsibilities of hiking. We are active hikers with a wide range of hiking abilities, who are committed to the joy of hiking and the common goals of safety, friendship, and the success of the Club.

The PMH began in 1995 when a group of friends with a shared love for the beauty and majesty of the Rocky Mountains decided to form a club. Over the years the club has grown to 250 active members from all walks of life.

We rely on our experienced hiking coordinators to fill the schedule with a variety of hiking opportunities. The hikes we do cover the full spectrum of ratings from easy to difficult. It could be an early season hike in the city, or a Rocky Mountain ridge walk in the summertime.

Our Values

  • Safety is key in everything we do; we emphasize taking individual and shared responsibility for safety;
  • We strive to achieve a positive hiking experience for all members on each hike;
  • We respect the environment and will minimize our impacts;
  • We care about our members, and strive to be a cohesive club where people feel they belong;
  • We value getting to know each other better and do this through such activities as weekends away, pot luck socials, and taking time for post hike refreshments;
  • We are a club that knows how to celebrate; we take time to celebrate group and individual accomplishments;
  • We enjoy all aspects of the hike experience; it is not simply about getting to the top of the mountain;
  • We value the health and fitness benefits of hiking;
  • The vitality and character of the Club stems from the collective talents and contribution of all members; 
In order to achieve this mission, the club pursues a philosophy whereby each member, having read and signed the Acknowledgment of Risk, Acceptance of  Responsibility and Waiver of Liability as part of his/her annual membership application, is fully responsible for his/her personal safety and well-being while participating in club hikes.
The role of the Hike Coordinator, as outlined in the club’s Hike Coordinators’ Guidelines, is to ensure that all hikers in his group are fully informed as to the hike destination and level of difficulty, to coordinate car-pooling from the meeting place to the trail head and return, to appoint lead hikers and tail-enders, and to endeavor to make the hike an enjoyable experience for all participants.