Membership Information

  1. How much does it cost to join?
    An Annual Membership Fee (due by Nov 30 for renewing members)
    a) for Singles is $20.00. The late fee for renewing after Nov 30 is $40
    b) Family $27.00 The late fee for renewing after Nov 30 is $54

  2. Do I have to become a member to participate in PMH events?
  3. Yes you have to be a member to participate in events. However, if you are on the member waiting list to join the club you are eligible to participate in 4 hikes per season with the PMH. PMH events are also open to guests of members. If you know a member you can hike as a guest of that member..Guests have to sign a waiver of liability in order to participate in a hike.

  4. What does membership get me?
    - Participate in Club Events
    - Access to Member Network
    - Ability to post items on our Calendar
    - Ability to add yourself to event Waiting Lists
    - Sign up to receive Notifications when new events are added to the Calendar
    - Fast Sign Up for Events
    - Ability to Organize an Event
    - Ability to Become an Officer
    - E-mail Reminders/Newsletters

  5. Membership Forms
    If you would like to join our club, kindly complete the following forms and submit along with payment via the Paypal link below or via cheque:

    1. Complete and sign the 2024 Membership Application Form

    2. Complete and sign the PMH Waiver and Informed Consent Form BEFORE A WITNESS (spouses can witness each other's signature)

    3. Remit payment either by cheque as stated on the application form, or send a note with the application requesting a PayPal invoice.

If you would like more information please email